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Ethan Ennis goes to Pi Kapp College

Pi Kappa Phi offers many great programs to for our members. One of these programs is our national Pi Kapp College for Emerging leaders. This is a week long event in the summer that members can attend to work on leadership skills and teamwork building. Our president, Ethan Ennis was able to attend this year and got a lot out of his experience. 

Ethan flew all the way to Charlotte, North Carolina to participate. He was able to look at our national headquarters and see all the original artifacts of the fraternity. They were later sent down to Columbia, South Carolina to stay at the Sigma Chapter house at University of South Carolina. Here, they did team bonding activities, had leadership simulations and all worked with the Ability Experience. They even spent a day in Charleston, SC to see where the fraternity first started. Ethan said that his favorite thing was getting to know brothers from all over the country and to get perspectives on ideas and skills. Ethan also encourages his chapter to attend this in the future! We are glad that one of our brothers was able to attend this great opportunity.


The members of Pi Kapp college go bowling with a great group of kids to support the Abilty Experience.

The members of Pi Kapp college go bowling with a great group of kids to support the Abilty Experience.

Ethan Ennis sitting Mark E Timmes' desk. Timmes is the CEO of our national organization.

Ethan Ennis sitting Mark E Timmes' desk. Timmes is the CEO of our national organization.

Coming Soon: Beta Class!

Fall rush is right around the corner and we are excited to receive our beta class! In line with the greek alphabet, Beta will be our second new member class. This means that each and every member who joins will still have a great influence on the structure and tradition of our chapter. This gives each new member an opportunity for leadership and making a legacy for a new era of chapters at the university of Idaho. Be sure to sign up for fall recruitment and learn more about Pi Kappa Phi. If you have any questions, please go to the "Recruitment" tab on our website!

The Birth of Kappa Iota

Since March of 2013, Pi Kappa Phi at the University of Idaho has been working hard to become a fully recognized chapter nationally. At last on April 22, 2016, 39 Gentlemen got initiated into Pi Kappa Phi to become the founding fathers of the now Kappa Iota chapter at the University of Idaho. Our National president Tracy Maddux, Head of Chapter development Chris Aldarelli, Leadership Consultant Evan Camejo, University of Idaho Dean of Students Blaine Eckles, chapter advisor Steven Peterson, and the men of the Theta Iota chapter at Washington State University gave us the necessary tools and helped us reach this milestone. We currently stand at our goal to be a growing chapter on campus and to reach higher ranks in scholarship, philanthropy, and campus involvement. 


The Kappa Iota Founding Fathers

Austin Wilcox, Nathaniel Rupp, Craig Woodruff, Kyle Clark, Bryan Jensen, Jacob Hruska, Ryan Paul, Jacob Snarr, Conner Jones, Justin Horne, Joel Ratcliffe, Ryker Belnap, Austin Quinn, Andrew Castillo, Matthew Buchanen, Stuart Tucker, Lucas Villagomes, Cory Cornett, Marco Perez, William Kennedy, Tanar Miller, Colton Clark, Aran Burke, Mack Owings, Tony Ponzini, Ethan Ennis, Brock Glaisyer, Morgan Johnson, William Knox, Blake Coker, Clayton McKinley, Seth Parker, Jared Zastrow, Eric Reetz, Austin Fenstermaker, Alex Saucedo,Rami Barbour, Lucus White, and Fitsum Wudneh.

Connor Jones Graduates


Connor Jones graduated from the college of Art & Architecture with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

Connor said that he will miss all of the new friends he has made at the university especially his brother of Pi Kappa Phi. He will also miss the great campus and university faculty.

His proudest moment at the University of Idaho was receiving a honorable mention in the Idaho Concrete Masonry Association architecture design competition during his junior year.

He is excited to see where Pi Kappa Phi will go in the years to come, ad her feels very fortunate to be a part of such a great group of men.

Connor would like next year's seniors to know that they need to work hard, but also make the most out of their last year. He wants everyone to try to experience everything they have aspired to do in college.

Connor is excited to find an internship or job that he will really enjoy now that he has graduated. He also hopes that he will be able to contribute his own ideas in the field of architecture.

His immediate plans are to are to attain a summer internship, and attend the University of Washingon in the fall to work towards a Master's degree in Architecture.

He hope that within 10 years he will become a licensed architect operating his own design firm specializing in high-end sustainable residences.

Inspiring quote: “You are what you repeatedly do every day. If excellence is something you are striving for, then it’s not an accident, it’s a habit”

We wish Connor the very best in his endeavors! He will be missed in our chapter this coming fall, but we know that he has to move on to do bigger and better things.



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