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Day 7 - June 5th 2016 - Gig Harbor, WA

Today we woke up bright and early because it was going to be a pretty eventful day. This was the day that the guys would be going on their first practice ride, a ride of about 15 miles. I learned a cool thing this morning while we were prepping our vans for the practice day. I learned how to rack a bike both on a roof and back rack. After lunch, cyclists get into their kits and we headed to a nearby middle school parking lot to have them perform a skills assessment test. Staff, crew, and our cycling coach helped make sure the cyclists were ready to ride at this time. It was pretty cool to see how prepared all the riders were and I'm excited to see everyone develop and grow into great cyclists. The ride itself went pretty well, but it was apparent that it was our first time. When it was my turn to mark my first turn and passed the 4th van, it all became real. I was nervous and shaky and second guessing the decisions I was making. I loosened up and was able to mark it correctly. 

The phrase "First pace line is heading out" gave me goosebumps and it was at that point that the summer journey had begun! With it being our first time, something was bound to go wrong. Right off the bat some cyclists took a wrong turn, the one of our vans got lost, a guy popped a tire, and there was a couple of red flags. Everyone handled it very well, the best thing we can do is have a positive attitude and learn from the things that didn't go well. While I was marking my turn, a guy pulled over and asked me if I needed water or anything. I thought that was so incredible, and am appreciative of people like him! I will definitely remember this day and compare it to when we arrive in D.C.! 

 All the roads in Gig Harbor look like this! Beautiful! 

All the roads in Gig Harbor look like this! Beautiful! 

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