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Day 6 - June 4th 2016 - Gig Harbor

This morning I realized that I shouldn't sleep during the day in order to be able to sleep at night. It was kind of a tough morning because I didn't fall asleep until late, but the fact that the cyclists were getting in today gave me the extra boost of excitement I needed to keep me going. The crew members drove to the airport to meet and bring back cyclists for their orientation and training. It was great to finally meet the gentleman the crew and myself will be responsible for this summer. I was reunited with Mitch Stone, from Wazzu, after seeing him last at our chapter's Initiation about a month and a half ago.

After going through some formal introductions, we covered a lot of the same material we covered at crew training. It felt great to know and understand what Spencer was teaching. I felt like I was on top of my game. After the day's training, team had a ritual and I came out of it feeling that much more excited to get on the road and really start changing lives, as well as having MY life changed.

I am doing this for the people who have such amazing dreams and ambitions, but for some reason are not able to fulfill them. I hope that by doing this, I can show people that if you really want to do something to either change your life for the better, or just gain a little more excitement in life, it is possible. No matter where you are from. After all, the only thing that can hold you back from doing something is you, so don't hold yourself back from chasing your dreams!

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