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Day 5 - June 3rd 2016 - Camp Collins/Gig Harbor

Today was our last day at camp Collins, and our crew training has come to an end. It was a bittersweet day today for sure! Packing the camp up was a weird feeling and it felt like the last 5 days have gone by way too fast. A lot of the returning Pi Alphas say that the summer will feel similar. On paper it seems like it is going to take a while, but before we know it, the journey has ended. We packed up the vans, and before we split up and headed our separate ways, we all got to get a tour of World Nike Headquarters in Beaverton, OR. The tour and campus were great, it was definitely something I thoroughly enjoyed, I am a huge sports and Nike fan myself. The time had come to head our separate ways, South route heading down to Long Beach, CA, North route down to San Francisco, and us heading up to Seattle. We said our temporary goodbyes and were on the road. Arriving at the cabin in Gig Harbor, we now await the cyclist team and can't wait to meet them all tomorrow!

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