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Day 4 - June 2nd 2016 - Camp Collins

Like yesterday, there was not much "classroom" learning today, but more pre departure preparation today. With my route being the first route to kickoff this summer, we get a lot of first pick/ priority over the other two routes which is kind of nice. We worked hard and took inventory on the things that were vital to our safety and our success. One of the supervisors here, "Campo", trained all 3 finance coordinators today and let us know the ins and outs of our position. Although it is an important role of the team, it didn't sound too intense once he finished training us. I am getting more and more excited to perform my duties as the days go on. We did our practice run today, and things went pretty well even though there were some hiccups. Right before we started we realized my van had almost no fuel and so while the bikers were riding I had to fuel up and head back ASAP, then the vans got out of order. But we handled it very well through great communication and making great on the spot decisions. We loaded up the vans with all of our equipment and plan on taking off tomorrow morning from Camp Collins. I can't wait to get to Seattle and meet all of our cyclists on Saturday!

 Selfie of the day

Selfie of the day

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