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Day 3 - June 1st 2016 - Camp Collins

Today was pretty low key as far as training was concerned. We went over the descriptions of each of the positions on the crew and what kinds of responsibilities each one of us had. I will be the Finance coordinator for the TransAmerica route and am looking forward to taking on that role. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous at all. My biggest fear in life is failure, and having that fear is what gets me through tasks and responsibilities of I may or may not be comfortable with. I will do my best to make my team happy and make sure to hold myself accountable. North route did their practice run today and I'm getting anxious and nervous about our turn. The TransAmerica route will do our run tomorrow morning. There was a lot of equipment prep today and it made me realize how close to kickoff we are. The week is whizzing by and we've accomplished a lot, it's a surreal feeling for sure!

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