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Day 1 - May 30th

Today was the first day of JOH crew training. We went over introductions and figured out what kinds of leaders we are through a self assessment test. I found out that through the results of that test I was an inspiring leader. I feel like that is correct for the most part, I can definitely see how that was the end result. Enabling others was right up there, it was only a point away. That kind of leadership style is more apparent because I like to tell people how it is and what kinds of things they can work on to better themselves. As hard as it is, I make sure to do it in a manner that won't discourage, but encourage individuals to be more effective leaders. We were asked today what the definition of a leader is, and a thought popped into my head. The definition of a leader is subjective, and so is the way a good leader is perceived. The way they lead tends to be subjective as well. Everyone leads in their own way, but as long as others buy into your ideas and goals, then it shouldn't matter how you lead right? There are a lot of great individuals among me and I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such great young men. Today I was proud to be a Pi Kapp! These young men are just as excited, if not more excited than I am to be doing something like this. I can see it through the Pi Alphas present here today that this opportunity truly is amazing and worth every second that we are putting a smile on someone and enable them to feel like they have a purpose. I shouldn't say it lies that, I should say we are showing them their full potential and helping them discover their limits. Seeing the Pi Alphas talking to each other about all of the amazing experiences they have and the memories gets me even more excited. I can't wait to be able to tell people the story of this summer and what kinds of things I learned about myself, and what kinds of things I was able to learn from the people we are helping and representing. That's all for now, remember, you know you are a great leader if people follow you simply out of curiosity, so go out and make someone curious by doing something different!


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