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Wonderland Camp


I am having trouble uploading photos, but you can check them out on Flickr. For the pictures that go with this post look for the albums labeled BAM_Day_x_Wonderland_Camp


After visiting some amazing sponsors on the road from North Carolina to Missouri we finally arrived at Wonderland Camp in the evening. We were greeted by Mark, the director of the camp. He took us on a brief tour, showing us what we would be working on throughout the week.

The camp then provided us dinner, and an indoor campfire night began. It was awesome being able to actually interact with campers after Victory Junction where we were more limited. After the campfire we settled into our cabin and headed to bed for a big day of work the next day.


The next day we woke up for breakfast with the campers. We actually got to sit with campers during the meal which was pretty fun. We then headed to work. I was assigned to the team that would be striping the rust off of the large pavilion, and painting it. We spent the whole first day striping the paint off of the fence that enclosed the pavilion, it was a lot of work, and we all had sore arms from scrapping rust and paint of the the metal fence.


At the end of the day we got some time to hang out with campers. Ryker challenged one of them to a basketball game, which he lost of course, and he had to sing “I’m a little tea pot” for losing. It was pretty funny!


The next day was pretty challenging for me. We ended up finishing up the fence, and prepared to paint the pavilion structure the next day. The work was fine, though pretty boring. I found myself struggling with the camper/councilor dynamic. It is a lot harder to get the interaction with campers, because there are so many councilors around already interacting. On Journey of Hope it was so much simpler. Some rest and a new perspective is all I would need though.


The following day we made a ton of progress on the pavilion, it was really starting to look like a nice structure again.


This was the day of the talent show, and it was a long one. It was great to see the campers get to have fun, and even some of our guys got to participate which was pretty cool. It was pretty long, but worth it.


The next day marked our last day of work. We barely had time to finish painting the pavilion, but we did finish! We also were able to participate in the mid-evil festival. I was lucky enough to be in the dragon the camp had built. Of course the good knight defeated us, it was a ton of fun.


That night we went to the dance, and it was a blast. The councilor dynamic still made it a little hard, but I just let loose and had a good time!

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