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August 6 - Hagerstown

Today was a pretty smooth ride. It is crazy to think that it was the second to last real day of riding.

We arrived at lodging and had a little free time before our last friendship visit of the summer. The visit was pretty fun, we went swimming with some clients, and then had dinner.

After the dinner we were told to leave lodging so the leadership could set up for the Pi Alpha ritual. For those who don't know, anyone who completes an Ability Experience Summer event is initiated as a Pi Alpha.

We came back and had the ritual. I can say it was really cool, and we were up pretty late. The rest is a secret.

While reflecting on the summer today it really hit me how far we have come. Over the last 2.5 months my team has cycled over 3000 miles across the country. I have made countless friends and it is going to be tough to say goodbye to them in DC! 

I didn't take a single photo today sorry! 

-Jacob Hruska

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