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August 4 - Uniontown

Today we made the trek from Pittsburgh to Uniontown. Getting out of the city was pretty complicated, and our directions were wrong so we didn't start out to great. Once we made it out of the city the remainder of the ride went by quite smoothly!

We arrived at the YMCA which is where we were staying for the night. We then immediately loaded up in the vans and headed to our team activity.

Our team activity was White Water Rafting! Dennis, Zach, Connor O'Neil and myself were in a raft together. It was a ton of fun, I can't believe I have only gone once in Idaho. Connor went overboard in the Rapids once, and we got stuck on a lot of rocks, but other than that we got through the river just fine.


About midway through the raft trip we camp upon a jumping rock, and we all jumped off of it once. It was probably about 20 feet high. I have never been cliff jumping, and it was pretty intense (I know that's a pretty short jump). I'm glad I did it, but it was pretty scary!

By the end of the trip our raft had made it to the front of the pack, and we almost missed the end beach. We paddled hard upstream and managed to make it to shore.

After rafting we went to the local Knights of Columbus for dinner. We had spaghetti and meatballs which were quite delicious. The sponsors were so proud to be hosing us, they said they look forward to it every year. They called us in 1987 when they saw us on TV and said they wanted to sponsor us,  and ever since they have. 

 Knights of Columbus gazebo

Knights of Columbus gazebo

It was great to hear them talk about how we are the light in the world for them, and how proud they are to host a group of young men who are working for such a great cause. The support of the Knights was just what we needed to get through the last few days of the trip! 

 Knights of Columbus tower

Knights of Columbus tower

After dinner I made a Walmart run to buy a few more stamps, and I went shopping for the Crew Chief lunch tomorrow. 

-Jacob Hruska 

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