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July 31 - Cleveland

Today was a frustrating day for a number of reasons. Firstly being with a group of guys for 60 straight days is taxing, and you start to get upset about little things that you should let slide, this happens in all sorts of groups.  

The big reason my day started badly is because I got super lost on my way driving the van to breakfast and my gas was super low. It was really stressful. 

once we got to breakfast at the Children's Hospital where we would be for most of the day my mood started to improve.  

Our tour group had a cute little girl who had some sort of developmental problem with her back. She knew her way around the building and was in such high spirits.  

We went into the children's dialysis center and talked with the kids there. They were tired because I guess it is a really intensive thing to go through, but they also were very happy and had lots of questions for us.  

We ate lunch at the hospital and preformed our puppet show for what I believe was the last time. Also our mail came which was really exciting!


We then had some more free time which ultimately le to more drama. Our fundraising crew member had scheduled a final push to get money on the street corner, however the team just wanted some free time. In the end we discovers that our signs had been destroyed so there was no way to do it anyways, but we had wasted all of our free time talking about it. This left everyone in a sour mood as we headed to dinner.

Dinner was on a dinner cruise that was sponsored by the first ever project manager. The cruise was a ton of fun, and the food was delicious. I have a ton of photos. The only problem was that it ended at 10:30 which meant that we didn't get back to lodging until 11:30 and we still had to do ice and water. I got to bed at around 12:15 for a 5:00 wake up. Tomorrow is going to be rough!  


-Jacob Hruska


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