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July 30 - Cleveland

Today's ride into Cleveland marked Our 4th straight day of crew ride a longs as Santiago completed his redemption ride after being racked for weather 3 weeks ago. 


We thought the ride was going to be nice and easy because there was a 40 mile stretch on the same road that ran along Lake Erie. The problem is that when we reached Cleveland and needed to mark turns to lunch our vans were too spread out. It was a giant cluster, but somehow we managed to get the team through Downtown Cleveland! 

We had lunch at a mattress store which was interesting. Seeing the soft comfy mattresses made me miss home a bit! 

We then headed to our lodging at Case Western Univeristy. Then we headed to a park to have sponsored dinner. On our way to the park there was a closed road and we were detoured through the Hood which was kinda scary!  

Dinner was delicious, we played games and just hung out which was nice. Whenever we get to relax a little it is nice. 

After dinner we had some free time and didn't have to be in bed until 2:00 am because tomorrow is a day off. Some of us when out and explored the town a little, but I made sure to be back by 12:00 so I could get 8 hours of sleep!

Sorry I didn't take any pictures today. 

-Jacob Hruska

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