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July 25 - Kalamazoo

Today we woke up at 5:00, but if felt like 4:00 because we just switched to Eastern Time. I was absolutely tired for the entire day! 

We crossed into Michigan but once again there was no state sign at the border! I had hoped to get a picture at every state border. 

We had quite a few reroutes and other outside factors that caused our ride to go very slowly. By the time we got to Kalamazoo all I wanted to do was sleep, but we had a friendship visit to attend. 

The friendship visit was at a bollards hall which was really fun. We played a few games of pool and got some snacks from the attached bar. This was the first year of this sponsor handling the friendship visit, and the said that they want to have us again next year.


We then had a leadership development session where we talked about enabling others to act. It was pretty insightful actually. We specificly talked about looking for people who are not being included and help them to be involved whether it is on the bike, at a friendship visit, or in our free time! 

We finished the day with a trip to a doughnut shop in town. It was very tasty.

We finally headed to our lodging that was at Western Michigan Univeristy in their residence halls. It was nice to have a bed, and my own room. 

-Jacob Hruska

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