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July 23 - Chicago

Once again we got to sleep in a little. I am really looking forward to a day when I can sleep until noon, and then do absolutely nothing all day.

Today we left for breakfast at Whole Foods at 8:00 am. The breakfast was delicious.

We then headed to our friendship visit at Envision Unlimited. The visit was pretty fun, but weirdly disorganized. We spent most of the time cooking burgers for the clients, and sitting in the shade because it was so hot.

After the visit we had a double decker bus tour of the city. This was my first time ever on a double decker bus! The tour was really cool, we got to hear about the history of the city, and saw some amazing sights. I took a ton of photos!

After the tour we had dinner at the Yacht Club of Chicago, needless to say it was really nice. The view of Lake Michigan was incredible. This is definitely a city I would like to revisit!

-Jacob Hruska

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