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July 21 - Northbrook

Today we made the 86 mile ride into Northbrook. We crossed into Illinois again, and there once again was no sign at the border. Hopefully when we leave there will be a sign.

We had 29 turns to mark today, which is a lot of 86 miles. We only had a few stretches of road that were longer than 5 miles. It was a test for the efficiency of the team, we had to move fast in order to keep moving. It ended up being a really fun fast paced day. It felt like we were a well oiled machine!

We arrived at the YMCA and had tacos waiting for us to eat for lunch. After lunch we had about two hours before it was time to wash our vans, so I took a nap!

We went and washed our vans, since we have a major arrival in Chicago tomorrow. After the car wash we had sub sandwiches at the YMCA and a little dance party. We also got to meet some firefighters who were at the Y to see the kids.


In the evening Stilts, Karl, Kyle and I went to a concert in the park with the sponsor from the Y. She was very friendly, and showed us a little of downtown after the concert.

 A water fountain in the park. 

A water fountain in the park. 

When we got back to lodging our van had gotten a flat tire so we had to change it. I helped out some, I have never changed a flat before though. I didn't realize how easy it would be.


I then took care of some crew duties and headed to bed!

-Jacob Hruska

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