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July 16 - Davenport

Our second day in Davenport was pretty relaxing and fun. We got to sleep until 7:00 which was pretty great, and had warm breakfast!

After breakfast we had some free time and then began working on posters for a street corner fundraiser. We got the dark blue poster which was definitely the hardest to make because almost no markers show up on it.

 This is the only picture I took today... Sorry!  

This is the only picture I took today... Sorry!  

We then headed to Happy Joes pizza buffet for lunch. We had the same sponsor as yesterday, and it was cool to get to know him better.

After lunch we headed to a busy intersection with our signs and started asking for donations. It was surprisingly fun to be out on the street raising money. In the end we raised just under $1000 in about an hour. I really want to bring this idea back to my chapter for our philanthropy week.

It started pouring rain putting an end to our panhandling, but just in time for our friendship visit. We were supposed to be going to a waterpark, but instead we went to an indoor pool that was nearby. The radio was on at the pool and they were talking about all of the tornados that were touching down nearby. 

When we were done at our visit we went outside and the sky half a green tint (which I guess happens when tornados are around). It was crazy to think that I was so close to such extreme weather.

We then headed back to our hotel to get some rest before the 120 mile ride tomorrow! 

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