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July 14 - Iowa City

Today the weather was so much nicer. I guess the last two days were a bit of a fluke. I still wouldn't want to live in humidity though!

Our ride today was only 30 miles, which meant we had some real free time in Iowa City. I got to go see the University of Iowa chapter house which was pretty neat. Ours in Idaho is much nicer though!

We then staged up for arrival at the old Capitol (it's not in Iowa City anymore). It was cool as always to roll up in style and have so many people cheering us on!


We then had a wonderful lunch provided by the parents of Connor O'Neil a cyclists on our route. They went all out with the meal, and I tried corn on the cob. 


We then had some more free time and I walked around the downtown/campus. It was cool.

We then had a friendship visit with the local Arc, and got to play on their new playground! 


It was nice to have a easy day after the horror that was yesterday. I'm excited to see what lies ahead as we start moving into Illinois in a few days!

-Jacob Hruska

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