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July 10 - Griswold

The ride into Griswold was short and simple. We had a few turns to get out of town, but after that I just had to set up a single stop. We did cross into Iowa leaving Nebraska behind. It was pretty crazy how immediately the terrain started to look different. Though there were still rolling hills, which the cyclists don't really like at all. 

We arrived at lodging which was a camp just outside of the "town" (read village) of Griswold. The camp was really nice. We all got to claim a twin bed to sleep in alone, which is rare!

We had a sponsored lunch at the camp and then took about an hour to nap! After the nap we drove out to a quarry to go swimming. There was a rope swing that was really fun, and the water was nice and warm! 


After the swim we had dinner in the backyard of our sponsors house in Macedonia (also a village). We had pulled pork, and ice cream and brownies! 

We also had our team meeting today so we didn't get to bed until fairly late.

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