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June 4

Wow. Today was an awesome day! We had our very first friendship visit at the Pomeroy recreation & rehabilitation center. We played some basketball and lost of course. The Pomeroy team is undefeated. 

It really was a ton of fun. I went into today very nervous because I don't have much experience interacting with people with disabilities. I learned today that they are just people who love to be treated as people. Some of the clients that we played against we're really good at basketball, and some needed some help, but they all had a blast. 

It is really cool that something so small to us, like a basketball game the we always lose, is the event of the year for these people. 


There was one lady who was extremely excited we were there. After the game was over and most of the clients had left to do different activities she came up to us and asked what was awesome. We asked what. She replied "America!" We really got a kick out of that. She then led us in singing "America the Beautiful" as she does every year when the Journey of Hope comes through.

It was such a cool moment to see how happy we were making her.  


Like I said I went into the friendship visit nervous. I'm not really nervous about the 70 or so that we have remaining. These people are so excited to have us, these visits are not about us, they are about the people that our team is cycling across the country for. 


We also got a very cool tour of the facility, and saw a structure that was build in 1991 by Pi Kapps as part of PUSH, which is now The Ability Experience. This is just one little example of how we are a part of something much much larger than ourselves. This structure was bulit by college men a year before I was born, and now I am here doing my part to support people with disabilities 23 years later. 


I had to share this photo, it seemed so fitting that we would have a "Team" coke bottle at our sponsored dinner. 


After our time at the Pomeroy Venter we went to the Pacific Ocean to do some obligatory tourist stuff. It is hard to imagine that in about 2 months I will be within 20 miles of the Atlantic. 

Tomorrow is a big day, as we will be scouting the first days ride so that we can guide the cyclists safely to Napa when we kick off later this week.

-Jacob Hruska

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