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June 28 -Empire

Today was another really good day. We woke up early and had a sponsored breakfast by past Pi Alpha Kevin Quinn. He brought us pigs in a blanket, pop tarts, fruit, and orange juice! It was great just to have a break from the routine.


We rode up to the top of Loveland Pass which is the highest elevation we will reach all trip at 11,990 feet. It is also one of the highest paved roads in the country.


Upon arrival at the camp that we are staying at for the next few days we had lunch sponsored by another past Pi Alpha. It was Chipotle I ate my first burrito ever at this meal. It was different, but I didn't dislike it! 

After lunch I had to take one of our cyclists to the hospital in Denver because he fell off his bike during the ride. He seemed like he was doing okay, but we just wanted to take the precaution. It turned out that we was okay.

We had an friendship visit at the camp when we got back. The campers were performing skits for us, and we even did one ourself. After skits we sang a bunch of "repeat songs" that were really fun. 


I cannot wait to hang out with all of the campers tomorrow, since we will be here all day. This is a rally awesome camp, and the campers are all really excited to hang out with us! 

We also had out team meeting after the friendship visit. We gave out team awards for the week, and discussed ways that we can improve. We are starting to shape up into a really great team! 

-Jacob Hruska

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