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Day 25 - Craig

Today was a really simple ride. It was pretty long, but it was straight and flat. I am still dealing with some allergies which kinda make me feel really exhausted. Also my nose hurts, because it is both burned, and chaffed from blowing it too much.

In Craig we went to the Boys and Girls Club where put on another puppet show, and hung out with the kids for a few hours. The Boys and Girls club also happened to be our lodging so we moved in.

For dinner we had a potluck in the park with a group that supports people with disabilities. We had some amazing sandwiches an a variety of other food. 

Tomorrow Bruce Rodgers will begin his week ride along with us. Bruce was the Pi Kapp who did the very first Journey of Hope 28 years ago. Now is company, KRG Capital, is the title sponsor of the Journey of Hope! It will be very cool to meet the man who started it all. Thanks to him thousands have been impacted, including myself!

-Jacob Hruska

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