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June 24 - Dinosaur, CO

Today was another hectic day. We attempted to take highway 40, but there were more semi-trucks than usual and the cyclists felt unsafe, so we rerouted onto a county road. The road eventually turned to gravel so we had to rolling rack the team across the gravel, and back onto highway 40, but up where the shoulder was wider.

 The dirt road

The dirt road

Our 85 mile day turned into a century day, and everyone crew and cyclist alike were exhausted. Three miles before we made off to town we crossed another state line into Colorado! 


Upon arrival at lodging I payed out my sleeping mat and was out until dinner, after dinner I slept until leadership development. After we finished our leadership activity the crew got to work organizing the crew chief van for Dennis who will be taking over the responsibilities of crew chief until Alex gets back.

There really isn't much in Dinosaur, and I slept through the trip to get ice cream so I don't have much else to share.

Today did open my eyes to have awesome my crew is. Today we were a van down because Zach had to drive Alex to the Salt Lake City airport, and we had a crazy reroute. We made it work and got through the day. We were still joking around and having a good time for the whole day. I can tell that these guys will be friends well after this trip! 

-Jacob Hruska

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