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June 23 - Duchesne

Today we left the beautiful Park City and made our way to Duchesne the last city we will visit in Utah. Tomorrow we will visit another state line as we head to Dinosour, Colorado.


Today was a little different on the road because our Crew Chief Alex Maxwell was out of rotation because of some back problems, our Logistics Coordinator stepped up and took over his duties for the day.

the ride was otherwise pretty uneventful, Santiago rode as my copilot today which was pretty fun. We got through the 85 mile day with only 2 crew stops. It is really a testament to how efficient our crew has become.

We got to visit Lake Starvation and go tubing with a sponsor upon our arrival in Duchesne. It was a blast, and I even got on the tube and enjoyed it. Being on the water made me miss summer time in Lewiston a little bit.


We received some sad news that our Crew Chief will be leaving the team for a week to get his back checked out. This means that the next few days will be kind of chaotic. It is also like losing a member of our family. He will be missed, and I can't wait for him to return!

-Jacob Hruska

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