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June 18 - Delta, Utah

Today we finally got out of the Nevada desert, only to immediately enter the Utah desert! It was exciting to realize that we have already made it through 2 states though!


I once again rode with Zach, not because my ankle hurt, but simple to switch things up a little. Tomorrow I will be driving my van again, because I miss it. Being a copilot is a little boring by comparison.

Once we got to Delta we went to their high school our lodging for the night. We showered, and relaxed for about an hour and then headed to Delta Freeze (a burger place) for dinner. It was really good, and they had FRY SAUCE! 


After dinner we took the bands to the car wash to get the Nevada dust (and dead bugs) off our vans! 


Finally we returned to lodging and had some time to take care of our own things. 

Oh yeah, and I am now in mountain time. And tomorrow we are waking up at 4:30 (5:00 for the cyclists) because we have a 135 mile ride to Salt Lake City.

 The University of Idaho Tweeted about me! 

The University of Idaho Tweeted about me! 

-Jacob Hruska 

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