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June 14 - Austin

June 14 - 

Today was our first century ride of the trip. That means that the cyclists traveled over 100 miles today. It was also really hot, it peaked at 96 degrees. Long straight stretches are not the best for cyclists, but for the crew they are great. We get a lot of free time to do our own thing.

Today at my stops I read quite a bit, and almost finished my first book of the trip. I also rolled up my sleeves in an effort to reduce the intensity of my farmers tan. 

About 10 miles in at my first crew stop one of the cyclists decided he couldn't go any further because he had pretty bad saddle sores (you can google that if you want any more specifics). This meant that we had 3 in the van today. It was nice to have some extra company, and get to know one of the cyclists better. It would have been nice to have some solitude though. It is a much different experience when you are alone.

 A Pony Express building  

A Pony Express building  

Upon arrival in Austin we started shuttling people to the showers that were not at our lodging location. I took on the duty of ensuring that our 27 cyclists could get showered in 2 showers in 90 minutes. That was a lot harder than it sounded. I didn't make any friends cutting showers short, but I did get everyone taken care of.

We then had dinner with the Ladies of Austin, who are in an adult sorority. It is kind of like a women's lions club. They were really nice, and have been sponsoring our dinner here for many years.

Finally we got milkshakes at a local place that has delicious shakes. Mine was amazing, a perfect end to a long days work.

I also had a chance to clean out my van, which was nice, because it was pretty bad. Tomorrow should be an easier day, so I am excited for that. 

-Jacob Hruska

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