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June 13 - Fallen

Today we had our first full day in Nevada. I can say difinativly that it is hot, dry, and boring. It is nice to have a change of scenery for now, but by the time we are done with this desert I am sure we will be tired of it.


Today also marked the beginning of some turmoil. It is just that period of time when people have been together long enough that they start to get frustrated. Hopefully it won't last long, because it isn't fantastic for moral.

 Had lunch at the Slanted Porch, it was good! 

Had lunch at the Slanted Porch, it was good! 

The day was fun though! The ride was simple today, and we had some free time. I got to take a trip to the store to buy some new body wash because I lost mine a few days ago.

We then had an awesome friendship visit. We danced, and sang and made some new friends. It is nice to have some time to be goofy at the end of a long stressful day.


Tomorrow we have our first century day, which means we will ride more than 100 miles (115 in fact). We have an extra early wake up to try to beat the heat for the long day tomorrow. They say that teams are strengthened in Nevada because there is nothing to do but get to know one another. I'm excited to see this team really come together over the next week!

-Jacob Hruska

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