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June 9 - Jackson, CA



We rode from Sacramento to Jackson, CA today. It was just a 50 mile ride, and there were almost no turns to mark. That means for the crew it was an easy day. I had one crew stop that was early on so most of the cyclists skipped it to push the pace, and I had the turn into Jackson. It was nice to have a day without a bunch of complex instructions.

Once in Jackson we went to a stage up location to wait for our police escort. The cyclists then rode to the local ARK for a friendship visit and lunch. The arrival at the friendship visit was so cool, there was a big loop the the cyclist made around the building a few times. Everyone was so excited to see us.


As always the friendship visit was awesome. The Journey of hope has been stopping at this location for 26 years! The lunch was hotdogs and they really hit the spot. The coolest thing was that I met a Vandal Alumni who was helping to facilitate the friendship visit. She was also an alum of Gamma Phi Beta. I really didn't think I would meet another Vandal on this trip!


The cyclists then rode into lodging, we are staying in the high school gym "home of the stallions."


Once we were settled we went to a spaghetti dinner hosted by the Lions Club. All of the members of the Lions were really cool, and they were so supportive of us! It was great to see how much they enjoy taking care of us when we are in Jackson.

Tomorrow is the infamous day known as "Kirkwood." It will be one of if not the hardest day for the cyclists. We are going over the pass to Lake Tahoe which is at an elevation of 9,800 feet. Almost all of tomorrow's 95 mile ride will be up hill. The scenery is supposed to be beautiful so I am excited for that. But it most definitely will be a long day.

-the internet isn't good here so I will add photos to this post ASAP-

-Jacob Hruska

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