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June 1

Today was another day driving. We made it out of Eureka, and started heading south through the Redwood Forrest. It was cool having a chance to stop and see the giants of the tree world up close. Some of these trees were wider than our vans, it was insane!


After making it past the Redwoods we made our way to Vacaville (which is within striking distance of San Fransisco). We are staying at an Alum's house tonight, and he has a nice pool. We all went for a little dip in the pool, and have been playing some videogames in the living room. 

Tomorrow is our last day with the South Route crew before they break off and head to long beach. It will be weird being down to just the North crew after we have become so accustomed to having out with the South Route guys. 

We are however only a little over a day from cyclist registration and orientation. I am getting excited to meet all of these men who will be cycling across the county this summer.  


I am trying to soak in as much quality time with the crew as possible, because we have been told that things are not quite the same when the cyclists show up. When they are here our top priority is always the cyclists and their safety. Things will still be fun, but different. 

With all of this only driving business there isn't a ton to write about. I really am having a great time though! In the next few days thing will get more interesting, so stay tuned!  

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