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May 30

Today we got to sleep in! I still woke up before 8:00 but I had the special luxury of going back to bed! Once we got up at about 10:00 we had breakfast and started packing.

At around noon we were loaded up, and headed out for Camp Attitude, a camp just past Sweet Home Oregon that is designed for people with disabilities. 


We moved into some very nice cabins, and headed down to the river to get our exploration on. I have become pretty good at skipping rocks in the past week by the way.


A while later we headed back to Sweet Home to have spaghetti dinner at "The Point Restaurant." The owner of the restaurant, Michael Hall, was gracious enough to feed us all for free! The spaghetti was delicious.


After dinner we went to DQ and the Ability Experience bought us all Dilly Bars (which are my favorite!). 

We returned to camp and had some time to hang out and relax before our 6:00 wake up tomorrow.

-Jacob Hruska 

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