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May 27

Today was really a lot more of the same. We had a basic breakfast, and a basic lunch, both of which we I'll be very familiar with by the end of the summer.

It already feels like I've been here for weeks, and it really has been less than 3 full days. The lifestyle that is required on this trip is very restricting, but is oddly freeing at the same time. I have one goal and mission this summer, and it sure is nice.

Today we learned how to set up a crew stop and went over a TON of safety stuff. I am starting to get anxious to begin this journey! 


We had our very first sponsored dinner today, and it was delicious! The meal was sponsored by Joel Borellis, an alumni, who also participated in the Journey of Hope back in the early 90s. Joel is the Senior VP of sales at Oracle (a very big software company). His house was so nice, and the food was great. We had pulled pork sandwiches, wings, watermelon, and chocolate chip cookies. 

Tomorrow we will be doing our first practice run as a crew. It will be nice to spend some substantial time doing something other than reading over documentation. I'm excited to get on the road and experience what this summer is really going to be like. 

 Our first sponsored meal

Our first sponsored meal

Since we got through all of the scheduled stuff early we were given our push to talk crew phones, and given the evening off. It's really nice to have a little free time to hang out with the guys more, and keep developing friendships!


-Jacob Hruska

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