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May 26

The first night sleeping with all of my new gear wasn't too bad. There were a few guys who snored through the entire night, but nothing that couldn't be overcome.

I woke up right at 7:00 am and got over to the showers before they were too backed up. Nothing to special there.

We had the standard breakfast that we will come to know and love over the summer:

-a bowl of cereal

-a bagel with peanut butter (half a bagel normally)

-half a banana

After breakfast we promptly made our way to First Aid / CPR training. I am certainly more confident that I could save someone's life if I needed too. The training itself however was not the most exciting thing I have ever experienced, as I am sure anyone who is certified will understand.


Midway through CPR training we stopped for a standard lunch which consisted of a sandwich with 2 slices of meat and one slice of cheese, we also had a handful of chips and 2 Oreos.

After we had completed CPR training it was time to unload all of the equipment that showed up today. Our lodge is now stocked with all of the materials that we will be using for the remainder of the trip.

We had an hour break after unloading the vans, so a group of us went down to the river to explore. I found that I was walking with the New Media Coordinator from South Route (that's my position). It was really cool to talk about ideas that we have for how to make the social media and crew journals more exciting and engaging. We're going to try to get something going with Snapchat.

The river was also really cool. I'm from these parts, so it was interesting to see how brothers from as far as New York reacted to the beauty that is the North West. 


If I learned that despite me claiming to hate camping there is a little Idaho in me. This means that in comparison to some of these guys who have never left a city I am amazingly comfortable in the wilderness, it really is a weird role reversal! 

After our break we made sure all of the equipment was accounted for, and then we received our crew t-shirts and polos! The apparel is super cool! We also sorted all of the cyclists gear for when we meet up with them in San Fransisco.


We also had some team building stuff which was actually very enjoyable! 

I am already starting to form connections with these guys, and they are all really cool. I cannot fathom how close I will be with them by the end of the summer! Today was a great day, I am so excited for all of the days to come this summer. I can already see that this will be one of the best experiences of my entire life! 


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