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May 23

Right now I am in Florence, Oregon visiting with my Aunt, my Grandpa and my Great Grandma. I have just one day left on the coast before we return to Portland and I begin Crew Orientation for the Journey of Hope.

Coincidently Florence, Oregon was the starting location for Bruce Rodgers on his bicycle ride across the county in 1987. Rodgers raised over $1000 for The Ability Experience on this trip. Due to the success of his trip, the Journey of Hope was created the next year, and 25 men of Pi Kappa Phi would ride across the country in support of people with disabilities.


For those of you who don't know, the Journey of Hope is a cross country bicycle ride the benefits people with disabilities. Throughout the journey we will be enjoying friendship visits with groups supporting people with disabilities across the nation. Every summer the Journey of Hope raises over $500,000 in support of people with disabilities. Over the past few months I have raised $2,600 to make my participation in this trip possible. 

I am beyond excited to begin this new chapter of my life. This summer will mark the longest period of time I have ever spent outside of Idaho. I will also meet fraternity brothers from all across the country and I will meet many wonderful, and inspiring people at the many friendship visits along the way.

I have been told that the Journey of Hope is a life changing experience for all who participate. As I near the beginning of this summers Journey of Hope I look forward growing as a man and as a Pi Kapp! 

-Jacob Hruska

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