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7/8/15 - Camp Wawbeek day 4

Today was probably the busiest day yet. Our group had to finish the rest of the cutting in the shop, assemble the platforms and frames for the train cars, and load and haul all of the pieces to the actual build site. 

cutting meant more than two hundred individual interconnecting pieces Jig-sawed out and sanded just for the wheels alone. Adding all the trim and decor meant hundreds of pieces carefully and slowly cut to make sure the train is fun, cool, and most importantly, safe. 

 Making the last of the cut lists for the train project

Making the last of the cut lists for the train project

Assembly at the site was also very tough, since all of the pieces were measured and cut way back at the barn, and any problems or inconsistencies now meant  using a lot of thinking on our feet to get things to work.

The day's stress was well worth it though when we got to see the camp talent show this evening. A whole bunch of campers performed, many of them volunteering to sing on the spot after they saw how much applause and support we were giving all of them. It was so cool to see all of the campers dancing, singing, and expressing themselves on stage so confidently. The show was a blast, and even some of the Build America guys got together to perform a few things.  

I wish I had more pictures, but remember to follow my personal page or Jesus Palma's album BAM 2015 part two for more photos

-Ryker Belnap


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