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7/5/15 - Camp Wawbeek day 1

Today we finished our drive to camp Wawbeek. After three long days of driving, it was so nice to finally make it here. The camp is split up into two seperate camps, Camp Wawbeek and Camp Respite.

Camp Wawbeek is a larger camp that holds around a hundred campers, and focuses on a certain age or disability group each week. This week the group is comprised of boys and girls with high functioning autism.

The respite camp is smaller and only holds about 20-30 campers, and doesn't specify or group by disability. The respite camp tends to be for individuals that need more attention or specific care, and has 1 to 1 camper to counsiler ratios at all times.

A cool plaque I spotted when we got to camp

A cool plaque I spotted when we got to camp

Both camps are part of the oldest operating Easter seales camp in the nation, and have amazing facilities and land. At over 400 acres of land, the combined camps have plenty to do. Even staying in one of the oldest cabins in the camp, our team has our own bathrooms, showers, and even mattresses to sleep on, which is so awesome after using straight sleeping bags for so long. 

Tomorrow  we start work on the big wooden train play toy as well as a few of the sensory rooms that we will be painting, renovating, and installing stuff inside of. 

The future sight of the train  

The future sight of the train  

- Ryker Belnap

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