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7/19/15 - Camp Riley day 1

Last night we stayed at camp little giant, a previous BAM stop on our way to camp Riley in Indiana. The cabins were great and the staff and campers were awesome to hang out with. Also, hanging out at the beach and swimming in the lake were both So nice and refreshing after such a hot, tiring week. 


This morning we woke up early to have breakfast and head out of the camp early to make it to camp Riley in time. The day was pretty uneventful with a good 6 or 7 hours of driving, but that made it even more exciting when we finally arrived.  

We pulled into the 2500 acre property that was donated to IU and used by the camp, and saw the awesome lodging we would have this week. We all get to stay in a giant, old house that is now set up more like a bed and breakfast or an old fancy fraternity house. The house is by far the nicest amenities we have had all trip, and the old style decor and architecture is pretty cool to check out in my free time. 

we also got to meet the campers for the first time tonight, and they are all so awesome. The focus this week is on kids with physical disabilities, so it's definitely been a change of pace from other weeks, but the kids are all just the coolest group of kids I've ever met. I can't wait to get to hang out with them all this week. 


Ill be be posting more frequently again to keep everybody updated, and I'm sure there will be extra pictures posted to Jesus Palma's Facebook photo albums of this week (week 4) 


til next time, 

  - Ryker Belnap

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