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7/11/15 - Milwaukee to Des Moines

This morning we woke up nice and early so that we could get to Des Moines as soon as possible. We met up with The Journey of Hope North route cycling team at lodging at Des Moines, and our plan was to beat them there so that we could welcome them when they arrived. unfortunately for us, the JoH team had the same idea, so they ended up beating us by just a few minutes, meaning neither of us was there in time to formally greet the other. 


meeting their cycling team and crew members was awesome, and it was cool to see how much work and organization goes into their day to day activities. It was also cool to see so many guys who are just as committed as we are to supporting people with disabilies and The Ability Experience.  



The other awesome thing about meeting with the north route is that my fellow university of Idaho brother Jacob Hruska is on that route. if you've been reading his blog on the site as well, you know that he's been a crew member for JoH since late May and has been slowly making his way across the U.S. From San Francisco to D.C. Where we will meet with them again for arrival. 


it was kind of crazy to see Jacob since this whole trip seems like it's taken place in a different world. But it was great to get to talk to him about all the awesome stuff him and I are doing, and about how we can take what we've learned back to our chapter. Since we're roommates and best friends, it was also just awesome to get to see him and catch up. 



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