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6/30/15 - Camp Allen day 3

Today was another busy day. I was put in charge of the large deck building project, so I spent the entire work day working on that. After the late night the night before doing inventory, the work was extra exhausting. I spent the morning digging out two big trees and a few lilac bushes to prep the site for the new deck. Me and another brother then spent the rest of the day installing posts, plumbing and bracing them, and ripping out the (very firmly installed) current deck. it didn't help that the clouds parted and we had 95 degree sun the whole day either. 

Once we packed in for the day, we spent the evening with the campers playing games for Disney night. We watched skits, played trivia, and sang kareoke with all of the ecstatic campers and staff. Team Seabee and I rocked trivia and took third place, and I must say I was very impressed with my Own Disney knowledge. 



I'll post pictures on here tomorrow when our photographer uploads the shots to our page, but until then thanks for reading! 

- Ryker Belnap


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