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6/26/15 - tool safety training: day 1

Today was by far our most busy day yet. We woke up at five and had to pack up and be ready to go ASAP. At 5:30 we headed out to Concord to start our tool and safety training.  


The  houses and historical sites in concord are beautiful, I just wish we had an extra day or two to take in all the history there. Boy were we busy. We worked non-stop all day, learning how to use all of the tools we would have on our trip, and the safety procedures and techniques to stay safe while we use them. 

I didn't take any pictures since we were pretty rushed, but I will make sure to take more tomorrow of the amazing location we have to train in.  


Its so so cool to see how much people want to support our trip. Milwaukee tools donated over $10,000 dollars worth of tools and equipment to us, a huge team of volunteers donated three days worth of their time To teach us safe construction methods, and a state senator even showed up and gave us a certificate declaring June 26th a Massachusetts state holiday known now as "Building America Day". 


Our whole team is exhausted after such a long day, but so excited to get out there tomorrow to get going again. more stories and pictures to come

- Ryker Belnap  

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