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6/25/15 - Safety Training

Todays post is gonna be short, since I didn't get to take any noteworthy photos, and since I'm catching up on much needed sleep.  


Today we spent most of the day learning about the safety procedures and risk management plans for the trip. It's very detailed and covers all sorts of situations, but it's glad to know how much of a priority safety is. It makes me even more excited to actually get out there and start working with these camps. 

We finished off the day by going to whole foods where they were nice enough to provide a delicious pizza dinner for us. It's so cool to meet people that don't even know us, but are willing to house and feed us just because they believe so much in what we're doing. 

Tomorrow we head to Concord for the day to get some tool training. I'm confident that I'll be in pretty good shape with my tool experience, but I'm excited to see what kinds of things I can still learn.  

Sorry for the lack of pictures today, but if you still want to see a few pictures of what we've been up to, you can find more at thestarandlamp.com or @abilityexperience on Instagram.

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