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Kappa Iota - University of Idaho

Exceptional Leaders. Uncommon Opportunities.

The Idaho chapter of Pi Kappa Phi is ready to start something new!  Across the nation Pi Kapp's are known to be the gentlemen on campus, and we aim to uphold this reputation. In our effort to become the leading fraternity on campus we participate in many Greek events while remembering that we are all at the University of Idaho for academic reasons. Scholarship is very important to Pi Kappa Phi, and we work very hard to ensure that our brothers succeed in their studies.

Local Info

In the Spring of 2013 three men from Headquarters came to campus, Vince Velasquez, Patrick Smith, and Nick Breaux to offer to the men of the University of Idaho a chance to stand out as leaders and make a difference on campus and in Greek society. Together they hand selected the beginning group of men to found a new chapter on the Idaho campus. On March 23, 2013 the Idaho Associate chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was turned over to these select men to build this into a larger group of leaders on the University of Idaho campus.

Our Journey

As of April 22, 2016, 39 Gentlemen got initiated into Pi Kappa Phi to become the founding fathers of the now Kappa Iota chapter at the University of Idaho. Our National president Tracy Maddux, Head of Chapter development Chris Aldarelli, Leadership Consultant Evan Camejo, University of Idaho Dean of Students Blaine Eckles, chapter advisor Steven Peterson, and the men of the Theta Iota chapter at Washington State University gave us the necessary tools and helped us reach this milestone. We currently stand at our goal to be a growing chapter on campus and to reach higher ranks in scholarship, philanthropy, and campus involvement. 


National Info

On a quiet December evening in 1904 in Charleston, S.C., three friends Andrew Kroeg, Simon Fogarty and Harry Mixson made a choice to lead. Those three men chose to start their own fraternity. The three grew to seven; seven grew to eight; eight grew to 11. From the College of Charleston, they spread to nearby Presbyterian in 1907 and then to California in 1909. In just over four years, Pi Kappa Phi had become a truly national fraternity. Over the course of a century, a fraternity with humble beginnings has grown into a brotherhood of more than 100,000 strong all because three men made a choice to lead.



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